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Ministry Exercise 1 - Up Front Prayer Ministry

Guidelines for Group Prayer

This is the sort of ministry typically offered after a church service or in a small group situation, or when a friend asks for prayer for a specific need. It is not intended to handle deep or ongoing problems. If something develops which cannot be dealt with in the small amount of time allowed, the person should either make an appointment for prayer ministry at a centre or request ministry on the course.

  1. Groups of two will be given the opportunity to pray together for one other person.

  2. The intention is that together you listen to God on behalf of this person, and pray and minister as directed by the Lord.

  3. Ten to fifteen minutes will be allowed on this occasion.

  4. One person will be appointed to lead the time, with the other deferring to them, quietly praying if the leader is speaking or ministering. Then offering what the Lord has shown them and praying when asked to do so.

  5. There will first be a collective prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit to be present and lead the time. This will give time to quietly confess any sin the Holy Spirit reveals and claim the cleansing of the blood of Jesus and its protection for each person and their families. There will be time to silently name your family members.

  6. Pray that the Lord will bless the person for whom you are praying. Pray they will be open to the Lord and His healing. Pray that any powers of darkness which could hinder this will be bound. The Lord may reveal specific demonic spirits which need to be addressed.

  7. The person briefly shares the need for which they would like prayer.

  8. Take time to wait silently on the Lord before sharing anything or praying aloud specifically.

  9. Note. This is not the place to deal with complex issues. If something negative is exposed it would be better for this to be deferred to a full ministry time.

  10. Pray as the Lord directs, always aiming for blessing and encouragement. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with creative and scriptural words.

  11. At the end of the prayer time give back to the Lord all that he has given for the person and ask him to release you from this time and from each other. Close the session with thanks to the Lord.

  12. We will give time for debriefing.