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Resource Sheet 12 - Demon Groupings

COMMON DEMON GROUPINGS - As given by Frank & Ida Mae Hammond, Pigs in the parlour: a practical guide to deliverance. Kirkwood, MO: Impact Books, nd., p.113-115.

They write:

The following list of demon groups represents patterns experienced through actual deliverance sessions. THESE GROUPINGS ARE ONLY SUGGESTIVE OF WHAT MAY BE ENCOUNTERED. THE LISTING IS BY NO MEANS INTENDED TO BE EXHAUSTIVE, NOR THE GROUPINGS TO BE INVARIABLE.

(Note from Mal: This list from the Hammonds is now rather dated. Some of their underlying assumptions are now understood differently, but it is still a useful way-point in our discovery of the identities and functions of demons, and is still conducive to further research.)
  1. BITTERNESS Resentment Hatred Unforgiveness Violence Temper Anger Retaliation Murder

  2. REBELLION Self-will Stubbornness Disobedience Anti-submissive

  3. STRIFE Contention Bickering Argument Quarreling Fighting

  4. CONTROL Possessiveness Dominance Witchcraft

  5. RETALIATION Destruction Spite Hatred Sadism Hurt Cruelty

  6. ACCUSATION Judging Criticism Faultfinding

  7. REJECTION Fear of Rejection Self-rejection

  8. INSECURITY Inferiority Self-Pity Loneliness Timidity Shyness Inadequacy Ineptness

  9. JEALOUSY Envy Suspicion Distrust Selfishness

  10. WITHDRAWAL Pouting Daydreaming Fantasy Pretension Unreality

  11. ESCAPE Indifference Stoicism Passivity Sleepiness Alcohol Drugs

  12. PASSIVITY Funk Indifference Listlessness Lethargy

  13. DEPRESSION Despair Despondency Discouragement Defeatism Dejection Hopelessness Suicide Death Insomnia Morbidity

  14. HEAVINESS Gloom Burden Disgust

  15. WORRY Anxiety Fear Dread Apprehension

  16. NERVOUSNESS Tension Headache Nervous habits Restlessness Excitement Insomnia Roving

  17. SENSITIVENESS Self-awareness Fear of man Fear of disapproval

  18. PERSECUTION Unfairness Fear of judgment Fear of condemnation Fear of accusation Fear of reproof Sensitiveness

  19. MENTAL ILLNESS Insanity Madness Mania Retardation Senility Schizophrenia Paranoia Hallucinations

  20. SCHIZOPHRENIA (See Chapter 21 of Pigs in the parlour)

  21. PARANOIA Jealousy Envy Suspicion Distrust Persecution Fears Confrontation

  22. CONFUSION Frustration Incoherence Forgetfulness

  23. DOUBT Unbelief Skepticism

  24. INDECISION Procrastination Compromise Confusion Forgetfulness Indifference

  25. SELF-DECEPTION Self-delusion Self-seduction Pride

  26. MIND-BINDING Confusion Fear of man Fear of failure Occult spirits Spiritism spirits

  27. MIND IDOLATRY Intellectualism Rationalization Pride Ego

  28. FEARS (All kinds) Phobias (All kinds) Hysteria

  29. FEAR OF AUTHORITY Lying Deceit

  30. PRIDE Ego Vanity Self-righteousness Haughtiness Importance Arrogance

  31. AFFECTATION Theatrics Playacting Sophistication Pretension

  32. COVETOUSNESS Stealing Kleptomania Material lust Greed Discontent

  33. PERFECTION Pride Vanity Ego Frustration Criticism Irritability Intolerance Anger

  34. COMPETITION Driving Argument Pride Ego

  35. IMPATIENCE Agitation Frustration Intolerance Resentment Criticism

  36. FALSE BURDEN False responsibility False compassion

  37. GRIEF Sorrow Heartache Heartbreak Crying Sadness Cruel

  38. FATIGUE Tiredness Weariness Laziness

  39. INFIRMITY (May include any disease or sickness)

  40. DEATH

  41. INHERITANCE (Physical) (Emotional) (Mental) (Curses)

  42. HYPER-ACTIVITY Restlessness Driving Pressure

  43. CURSING Blasphemy Coarse jesting Gossip Criticism Backbiting Mockery Belittling Railing

  44. ADDICTIVE & COMPULSIVE Nicotine Alcohol Drugs Medications Caffeine Gluttony

  45. GLUTTONY Nervousness Compulsive eating Resentment Frustration Idleness Self-pity Self-reward

  46. SELF-ACCUSATION Self-hatred Self-condemnation

  47. GUILT Condemnation Shame Unworthiness Embarrassment

  48. SEXUAL IMPURITY Lust Fantasy lust Masturbation Homosexuality Lesbianism Adultery Fornication Incest Harlotry Rape Exposure Frigidity

  49. CULTS Jehovah's Witnesses Christian Science Rosicrucianism Theosophy Urantia Subud Latihan Unity Mormonism Bahaism Unitarianism (Lodges, societies and social agencies using the Bible & God as a basis but omitting the blood atonement of Jesus Christ)

  50. OCCULT Ouija Board Palmistry Handwriting analysis Automatic handwriting ESP Hypnotism Horoscope Astrology Levitation Fortune telling Water witching Tarot cards Pendulum Witchcraft Black magic White magic Conjuration Incantation Charms Fetishes Etc.

  51. RELIGIOUS Ritualism Formalism Legalism Doctrinal obsession Seduction Doctrinal error Fear of God Fear of Hell Fear of lost salvation Religiosity Etc.

  52. SPIRITISM Seance Spirit guide Necromancy Etc.

  53. FALSE RELIGIONS Buddhism Taoism Hinduism Islam Shintoism Confucianism Etc.