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Resource Sheet 15 - Notes On Freemasonry

(From: Additional Notes On Freemasonry by Mal Austin. Originally prepared for Mal's presentation in our 2003 Beth Tephillah Ministries Prayer Ministry course.)

It is very hard to succinctly describe Freemasonry.

It is a men's ritualistic/religious club that has 3 different faces: public, apparent members, and real members.

  1. The public face is one of charitable/good works - a slightly mysterious but innocuous club.

  2. The members 'apparent' face (bearing in mind that 60+% of men do not go beyond the initial stages) is that of above but with added ingredients:

    1. deep companionship and loyalty;

    2. the most powerful type of business networking structure

    3. power through knowledge unavailable to others

    4. 'revealed' knowledge that contains revelations of a spiritual nature that goes beyond the grave and beyond the present time. Thus an added attractiveness that only a few get to learn about. (seductive)

    5. an equality between members that straddles socio-economic boundaries

    6. a resource of genuine available help and fellowship when needed

    7. proof of really serious nature of intentions by the requirements of oaths and rituals

    8. no women to get in the way of drinking, and uncensored conversation - a taste of a different society for a few hours each week - a glorious backyard 'shed'

  3. Real members. The truth is only revealed to a small percentage of members who choose to really seriously advance to the top. It involves dedication to Satan through worship and allegiance to Lucifer, phallus worship, Egyptian god worship and paedophilia.

Having covered, briefly, the general view of Freemasonry, in attempting to explain what stories it is all supposedly based on (but remember, there is the "story behind the story" which is not known or cared about by the majority of masons, but which we will reveal later) we must start at the "legend" of Hiram Abiff.

Hiram Abiff is Freemasonry's hero. He is found, truthfully in 1 Kings 7 as a metal craftsman brought by Solomon from Tyre to work on the temple; and that is the total of what we know about him. The scriptures say most definitely however that he did finish his work for Solomon.

Freemasonry has you believe that he didn't, that he knew a whole lot of secrets but was murdered before they became known and that Freemasonry has found them out!

The Freemasonry story of Hiram Abiff gives a false god a false anointing in order to build a false house for the false glory of a false god!

According to Freemasonry (and briefly) God chooses Hiram to build His temple and to help him gives him a set of tools (guess what! they are a compass, square and hammer!) plus a 'tracing board' or blue-print to follow. The Bible tells us that he made bronze pillars and Freemasonry agrees but takes it much further. They give him the title of "Master Builder" as they believe he was the first true mason, and that God gives him a name known only to God.

Hiram selects three helpers who betray him and murder him with his own hammer - this is later all enacted out as part of the third degree ceremony. They take him out and bury him 'under the rubbish of the temple' but somehow the murderers forget where the dead Hiram's body ends up. They repent at God's feet 'for slaying the Grand Master Hiram' and he tells them that Hiram is really only asleep and their quest is to find him and 'awaken him' after first labouring in his place. It is this endless on-going search and the promise attached to it that keeps the wheels of Freemasonry turning and sets up its practice of 'working and searching'. Salvation by good works and eventually finding this lost secret that only Freemasonry knows about.

On their knees the three ask 'how shall we find his grave?' God reaches down and gives them a small light to guide them (sound familiar and distorted? Jesus, light of the world etc.).

God says He will remain silent thereafter until Hiram is found, raised (by the actions and secret methods of Freemasonry!) and completes the temple so God can inhabit it. Forget about Jesus and all that stuff!

This silly story and its adornments and attachments forms the basis of 'The Blue Lodge' which is the organisation of the first three degrees.

The quest of Freemasonry is to find Hiram's grave for that means you will be able 'raise' him, find out the secrets and be led to God. Hiram was building the temple, his blood was shed in/for it as a martyr and in the third degree, masons are to pledge that they too are willing to give their blood for Freemasonry. Of course those above you have done this over time and presumably know the secrets! But there is no evangelism in Freemasonry!

The power of Freemasonry is the lie that they and only they hold this "light" that God passed down and thus the way to Him is through their rituals etc. Such a huge thing as the way to eternal life could not possibly be as simple as what we know as the Gospel story!

Let us now look at just the first degree ritual. Remember there are many degrees but I have come to the conclusion that if we come to a spiritual understanding of the whole basis of Freemasonry, know the spirits behind it that we will be confronting and are reasonably up with the main degrees we will be well off. I believe we should know about 1, 2, 3, 18, 30, 31, 32 and Holy Royal Arch as a minimum. Is it a coincidence that there are 33 degrees?

We need to know what they are physically and symbolically doing with their bodies and souls and the outworking of these to themselves and families in the future rather than the details of Freemasonry itself.

The first degree: "Entered Apprentice"

Later we have a list of the many physical, emotional and spiritual afflictions and curses that come about from Freemasonry involvement. We absolutely must grasp the concept that all of these come about as a relationship to acts done, words spoken, oaths taken, false beliefs accepted and soul ties entered in to. So to highlight this we will, just in this degree, relate a few as we go.

We must remember this is your first time in the building and you probably have little idea of what is to follow despite the odd "you'll be right" and "it's only a ceremony" that will be said to you!

Lodges are either dressed up (relevant furniture and regalia brought out of storage for the night) and/or have different rooms fitted out for different degrees according to the ceremonial stories attached.

Right from the start you are going to realise that Masonic initiations are, purposely humiliating affairs. You are ushered in to a small preparation room and with help from the "Tyler" you have all metal removed and are dressed in a kind of pyjama suit with the left breast unbuttoned to prove you are not a woman. The right sleeve is rolled up to above the elbow, the left trouser leg is rolled above the knee and the right shoe is removed and replaced with a slipper. These are related to the mystical Jewish Kabbala rites. (identity problems, lack of direction, fear of future)

Most important spiritually, you are blindfolded (the "hoodwink") and a rope noose with a length hanging down (the "cabletow") is placed over your head. (spiritual blindness and physical sight problems, unbelief, fears of dark, choking etc. numerous physical complaints to do with throat area such as allergies, breathing and speech problems, throat cancer etc.)

You are now blind and in darkness, have no outward dress identity to distinguish you and you are able to be controlled and led by someone pulling the rope. You know if they do, you will obey lest the rope tighten around your neck. Lastly you feel a sharp point of a knife ("compass") pressed into your exposed breast so the control of movement attached with physical threat is complete. (chest ailments, agoraphobia, insecurities etc.)The masons want this to be so more for spiritual and emotional reasons of fear and control as well as physical control. At the end of the ceremony they will tell you that the choices you made - to go ahead with the oaths etc. - allowed you to escape the potential of physical harm from them. It is important to understand however that the rope around your neck is also a representation of a soul tie to Lucifer - it is representative of a Satanic umbilical chord for you are about to "tie the knot" with Lucifer himself! Of course none of this is explained and most of the Masons present do not even know this themselves! However of crucial importance to the foundation of soul ties as we know it is the statement that occurs when the rope is lifted. You are told that it can be removed because you "now have a much stronger tie with your brothers". Of course this tie comes from the threats of the oaths and the ties to the kingdom of darkness that you have unwittingly entered in to.

You are now introduced by the Tyler through a cracked open door with the title given to all "profane" candidates in answer to the Worshipful Master's query of "Who is there?". That is the words " a poor candidate in a state of darkness of his own free will and accord, properly prepared, humbly soliciting to be admitted to the mysteries and privileges of Freemasonry". Then "in a state of darkness" you are "led into the light" that is the main room and told "By the help of God you will." (false admission of being in darkness gives Satan a right to keep you so! Sight problems but especially spiritual darkness, difficulties in belief, in baptism of Holy Spirit and all things related to Holy Spirit that would bring you closer to the real light of Jesus. Also learning difficulties.)

Your journey into law and false light has begun. Of course already we could ask "how could a Christian" submit himself to this degradation and besides Christian men are in a state of light not darkness!

'Tyler' now stays outside of the door through which you now enter to guard against anyone else coming in to disturb. Reliable ministers have told me that there is a spirit called 'Tyler' who guards against deliverance as a blocking spirit and that once evicted a deliverance session can proceed more smoothly. Whilst I have not tried this myself, it makes sense and could be good to keep in mind, remembering that the Holy Spirit is all knowledgeable and that no two deliverance or Freemasonry sessions should be the same.

You are taken to the north east corner of the room where there is a cornerstone. You are told "you are the cornerstone". The blasphemy begins. Kneeling with your hand on the "Volume Of Sacred Law" which in western countries would be a Masonic Bible you swear an horrific oath not to reveal the Freemasonry secrets. After which you are told the first of the secret words - each applicable to particular levels - which is "Boaz" - meaning the left of Hirem Abiff's supposed outside pillars of the temple. When the hoodwink is removed you are still kneeling and there out of your dark state in the lit room the first thing you see are the so-called symbols of "light" the Bible, the compass and the square. These are supposed to represent spiritual and moral plumb lines that from now on are going to be instrumental in your life as more of the Freemasonry secrets are revealed. (openness to false doctrines, syncretism, searches for truth elsewhere than the Word, open to false guides in your life, problems fitting in with church authority and leadership guidance.)

In reality the compass and square - carefully placed in relationship with each other as they are - represent the sex act and the "Bible" the Luciferian and potentially Satanic knowledge that is going to be opened up to you. (openness to sexual idolatry problems and false teachings)

The first secret handshake and "stance" are taught (open to pride, elitism, secrecy and dissension) and that is essentially the ceremony over, except that you are presented with your first apron - made of lambskin (not accidentally representing the true Lamb, open to things of mockery and blasphemy such scepticism and unbelief and anti-Christ attitudes) which is worn over that part of the body that the Freemasons really worships! Large amounts of alcohol apparently will now follow!

Knowledge of the oaths spoken for each degree are also handy to the prayer ministers' armoury as there is a direct relationship between the words spoken and the afflictions that are later outworked through the generations.

The oath for this degree is "Having my throat cut and tongue torn out by the roots...." and that if he divulges the secrets that makes him a "wilfully perjured individual, void of all moral worth and totally unfit..." (all the throat problems plus problems of not being believed, unfair dismissal in the work place etc.)


People who pray for others need to be "Holy Spirit Detectives" looking for above symptoms as clues of 'hidden icebergs'.

Satan hates women - many who come for prayer will be women.

Women are affected through generational/marriage ties.

The Faces of Freemasonry

The Faces of Freemasonry

The Damage of Freemasonry

The Damage of Freemasonry