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Resource Sheet 9 - A Checklist for Emotional Healing

(from Bennett, Rita, Emotionally free. pp. 54-5)

  1. Were you greatly embarrassed when a child or young adult?

  2. Can you see a pattern of hurtful events beginning early in your life, each building upon the other?

  3. Do you have difficulty recalling anything about your childhood? Is it a total blank?

  4. Do you wish you were someone else? Do you dislike yourself? Do you wish you had never been born?

  5. Do you dislike the opposite sex, or your own sex?

  6. Do you have a learning disability such as dyslexia, which was not diagnosed in childhood? Do you, or did you, have another kind of limiting handicap?

  7. Are there habits ("besetting sins") that control you?

  8. Do you have unreasonable fears?

  9. Do you often find your reaction to something said or done is far beyond the stimulus?

  10. Do you have a recurring memory of a past hurt? Does it still trouble you to think about it?

  11. Are there people you can't forgive? Do you have trouble asking someone else to forgive you?

  12. Do you have overwhelming feelings of guilt?

  13. Do you find it nearly impossible to admit making a mistake? Do you usually look for someone to blame for what goes wrong in your life?

  14. Do you have a nearly continuous feeling of anger inside? Are you usually critical in your remarks or thoughts about others?

  15. Do you go on compulsive overeating or drinking binges? compulsive under-eating binges?

  16. Do you have a fantasy world you escape into?

  17. Are you obsessed with sexual thoughts or fantasies?

  18. Do you have a physical illness that has no known cause?

  19. Do you suffer from depression frequently, or over long periods of time?

  20. Do you have frequent nightmares, or troubling recurring dreams?

  21. Do you have physical or mental exhaustion from wrestling with inner problems? Do you have difficulty sleeping, or do you want to sleep too much? (Check for physical causes too.)

  22. Are you extremely restless, "on the go" constantly? Unable to sit and relax from time to time? (There's a difference between a healthy "drive" and being driven.)

  23. Are you a workaholic? Do you feel guilty if you aren't doing something "productive"? Are you always striving for the approval of others.

  24. Were you an adult before you ever felt loved by another person?

  25. Do you often compare yourself with others and end up feeling inadequate or discouraged?

  26. Do you have a constant need for physical affection, or do you not like to be touched at all?

  27. Do you have a deep sense of inferiority? Do you feel unloved, unapproved of?

  28. Do you have a hard time being consistent in your spiritual life?

  29. Is it hard to believe God loves or approves of you?

  30. Do you find it difficult to give and receive love?