Resource Sheet 2: Ministry Example 1 - Mary

There are standard questions asked when meeting a part.

After being reassured the person will be safe if they have the full memory, the part is encouraged to release the memory.

Demons can interfere at any stage of the process. They are asked for their legal right to be there.

Names have been changed to protect the people involved.

The Ministry:

Diana: I want to say thank you to the parts in Mary that have been doing such a good job of protecting her from pain ...† Is there a part that would like to come forward and speak to us now. If there is just press forward and let Mary know you are there.

Mary: Rejection.

Diana: Hello Rejection. Iím very pleased to meet you. Thank you for being brave and coming forward to meet us. Rejection, how do you help Mary?

Rejection: I protect her from being hurt.

Diana: Rejection, I know someone that Mary also knows. Jesus loves Mary very much and she loves him. He is very good at protecting too. Would you like to meet him?

Rejection: Iím not letting him in.

Diana: Are you afraid of him? Iím sure he wonít hurt you or Mary. Heís very loving, and Iím sure he wants to tell you how well youíve been doing helping Mary.

Rejection: Iím not afraid. Iím just being careful. Iíll meet him then. Heís saying, ĎHelloí. Heís here. It feels better.

Diana: Thatís great. Rejection, I want to ask Jesus a question. Will you listen carefully to his answer?

Rejection: OK.

Diana: Jesus, will Mary be safe if Rejection releases to her all of the memories she is holding, in the first person, so that Mary can experience for herself what happened?

Rejection: Jesus said ĎYesí.

Diana: Thank you Rejection. Will you release the memory now to Mary, please.

Mary: I feel all knotty and pain in my chest.

[Mary exhibits signs of fear]

Diana: Donít be afraid, Mary. Remember Jesus is with you. He wonít allow you to be overwhelmed. Will you let the feelings come out?

Mary: Yes.

[Not much more happens]

Diana: Rejection, thank you for releasing those feelings. Is there another part holding more of this memory?

Rejection: Fear.

Diana: Thank you Rejection. Fear, can I talk to you?

Fear: Yes.

Diana: Fear, youíve been watching what has been happening. Would you like to meet Jesus?

Fear: I canít see Jesus. Iím not afraid to, but I canít.

Diana: Is something stopping you?

Fear: Yes, something is stopping me.

Diana: Iím speaking to the demons that are stopping Fear from seeing Jesus. The spokesman that Jesus appoints will manifest immediately, without causing any distress or loss of dignity to Mary. I am isolating you from all other demons, binding you, and staking you down. You will tell the truth that the true Lord Jesus recognizes as the truth, otherwise he will deal with you. You will answer by putting a word, thought, idea, memory or feeling in Maryís mind. What legal right do you have to be here in Mary and to interfere in this ministry?

Demon: Control. I have control. She allows me to be here by trying to control.

[At this point Mal has a sense there is also a part called Control present.]

Diana: Is this true, Mary?

Mary: Yes.

[Mary repented of control and received forgiveness.]

Diana: Speaking to that demon: do you have any further legal rights?

Demon: I still want control.

Mal: Thatís too bad. It isnít a legal right. Do you have any further legal rights?

Demon: No.

Mal: Then go bound to Jesus immediately and he will deal with you. Do not return and do not send any others.

Mary: The word Ďtrustí comes to mind. Fear still canít see Jesus.

Mal: Demon, is this another legal right, or is there another part called Trust?

[Silence. The demon is gone.]

Diana: Jesus, can you clarify what is happening here please.

Jesus: Mary knows that I can be trusted, but Fear isnít sure.

Diana: Fear, youíve seen how Jesus looks after Mary - how he loves her and will never hurt her. Jesus can be trusted to look after her now.

Fear: I can see Jesus. Heís holding his arms open and Iím running to him. Heís hugging me. It feels so good.

[At this point Mary begins to experience the rest of the memory Control and Fear are holding.]

Mary: [Crying heavily] When I was young I slept on a bed in the lounge room. We had a boarder (Fred) who slept on the floor. I woke up with his hand down my pants. I told Mum. At first she didnít believe me but then he was moved to the back shed. I had nightmares.

[This was a memory Mary already had access to.]

Mary: Fred died, and I said, "He canít hurt me any more." Thereís another part called No-Confidence.

[Mary chooses to forgive Fred and we cut ungodly soul ties with him.]

Diana: Fear and Control, is this memory complete?


Diana: Jesus?

Mary: Jesus says itís complete.

[Jesus comes into the memory, bringing healing of shock and shame. All is peace and calm.]

Diana: How are you feeling Mary?

Mary: Peaceful.

Diana: Fear, can I talk to you please. Thank you for releasing that memory. Fear, what other parts are there? Who do you give orders to?

Fear: Nobody. Defiance is there. Control tries to give orders to me.

Diana: Thank you Fear. Is there another part who wants to meet Jesus?

Rejection: No one tells me what to do. I donít tell others what to do. Iím not talking now.

Diana: Ok Rejection. Any other parts?

Defiance: I protect Mary from rejection.

Diana: Hello Defiance. Nice to meet you. Well done. Would you like to meet Jesus?


Diana: Jesus, what would you like to say to Defiance?

ĎJesusí: Rejection is tired.

Diana: Weíre actually talking to Rejection here, arenít we? What did Jesus say?

Rejection: Itís safe to lay it all down.

Diana: Do you know any other parts?

Rejection: Defiance gives me orders and also to Anger when Iím out of control. I yell at Anger a lot.

Diana: Defiance, do you know Control?

Defiance: I tell Control what to do, but if control is lost it brings out Anger.

[Mary sometimes confuses parts with feelings and behaviours, so some vigilance is needed.]

Mary: Defiance puts up a big barrier in a fight. Jesus is meeting all the parts in the system - theyíre gathered together. Theyíre going to leave me and Iím sad. Jesus says theyíll be OK.

Diana: Are there any other parts we havenít met yet?

Sadness: Iíve met Jesus. He tells me he loves me. He wants me to give Mary to him and me not to be sad and go to him.

Diana: Do you know other parts?

Sadness: No.

Mary: Thereís Confidence.

Diana: Confidence, can we meet you, please? We heard about you before.

Confidence: Iíve met Jesus. Itís good. I donít know any other parts, except No-Confidence.

Diana: No-Confidence?

No-Confidence: Iím on my own. Iíve met Jesus. Itís good. I hold Mary back from speaking out what she wants to say. Jesus says sheíll be safe if I let him look after her.

Defiance: They all need to go to Jesus. Iíd better go too.

Mary: Thereís about 10 now all dancing around with Jesus. Heís hugging them and reassuring them and me that they and I will be safe. Iím not all knotty. The tears are for joy. Jesus is telling me I am safe now. Itís just Jesus there now. A burden is lifted off.

[Mal had a sense from the Holy Spirit that Shame and Shock were also there and joined in at the end to make up the ten. It would have been satisfying to have found out more about them, but if Jesus is ready to take the parts away we donít argue. If there is something important missing then they wonít go and weíll know we have more to do.]

[Mary has now been CPRd. Below is a map of her dissociative parts system.]

Mary's Part Map

[We now visit a memory without parts]

Diana: Mary, in our last session your parts were all removed. Now weíd like to visit a memory now without parts. Is that OK?

Mary: Yes. Since CPR I am more relaxed and freer in myself. Iíve been remembering some family issues.

Diana: Jesus, will you please take Mary to a memory now.

Mary: [Crying] Itís guilt. About being a mother, how I treated the children when they were little. Jesus just told me heís forgiven me.

Diana: Why arenít you forgiving yourself?

Mary: Itís how they react. Theyíre still holding me accountable.

Diana: Jesus, will you take Mary to the memory that is stopping her receiving forgiveness.

Mary: My Mum was adopted.

Diana: Have you forgiven her for her treatment of you?

Mary: Yes.

Diana: So why arenít you forgiving yourself? Letís break soul ties with your parents and children and forgive them for their reactions to you and repent of your reactions to them.

[Mary does this.]

Mary: My son Bill, I was cruel to him. I want Jesus to restore him. I bashed my son Alan. It was my frustration, not their naughtiness, with both of them. Ask Jesus to restore them. My son David, I spoiled him. He later became drug addicted.

Diana: Spoiling could have made him vulnerable.

Mary: I had a daughter between Alan and David. She died at 17 months old. She had a bad heart, but lived longer than expected. Her name was Rose.

Mal: You can still have a soul tie with a Ďdeadí person because they are still a living soul.

Mary: I break soul ties with my husband Jeff [divorced]. I still want to choke him for his interference in their lives and mine and my grandchildren.

Diana: You have to stop rescuing your adult children. Be their friend, not their mum. God says, "Itís not yours." Forgive your sons for their disrespect of you. [Mary does this.] Repent of rescuing them. [She does this.] Now make a declaration that you will in future let him take responsibility.

Mary: Heís now an adult and no longer my responsibility.

Diana: Good.

Mary: I still feel responsible for Alan. His daughter said that David tampered with her while they were with me. My younger sister molested one of her children and David claims it happened to him too.

Diana: You still have to hand over responsibility to Jesus.

Mary: I forgive David for betraying his niece in my home. There has been a hate campaign against me, orchestrated by Lavinia. I brought her to Jesus and baptized her in the past. She now comes and goes from Jesus.

Diana: Break soul ties with her and repent of resentment against Lavinia.

[Mary does this.]

This memory did not seem to contain a great deal of emotional energy, but it did lead to a number of sin issues that needed resolving. Some may need further work, and some simplifications have also been made in this transcript.