Resource Sheet 3: Ministry Example 2 - Nerina

Di: I wonder if there is a part who would like to make your presence known to Nerina and meet us. What is your name?

Jennifer: Jennifer.

Di: Iím pleased to meet you Jennifer. Thank you for the good job youíve done in helping Nerina through her life. How do you particularly help her?

Jennifer: I keep her organised and controlled.

Di: Jennifer, would you like to meet Jesus?

Jennifer: Iím not sure. Heíll take control.

Di: Jesus, what do you say to Jennifer about her concerns?

Jennifer: Jesus says heís well able.

Di: Jennifer, you work so hard, arenít you tired?

Jennifer: Yes. But people will hurt her.

Di: Jesus, what do you say?

Jennifer: He says heíll look after her.

Di: Jennifer, would you like to meet Jesus?

Jennifer: Yes.† I canít see him.

[Demons blocking. Asking for Legal Rights (LRs)]

LR: Yes. Resentment when people donít listen. Resentment of people in authority.

Nerina: I have a memory of when I was two and we moved house. Iíve been told I sat in the corner of the new house and wet the floor - I christened the house! I didnít understand, it wasnít my fault but I got into trouble. It wasnít fair. I wanted to go to the toilet but no-one listened to me and I didnít know where the toilet was.

[Forgive Mum and Nanna who punished her; Dad and sisters for not believing her, for not looking after her or listening to her. Repent of resentment and expectation others wonít listen. Broke soul ties.]

LR: No. [Demon gone]

Jennifer: [Jesus comes] Heís there. He has kind eyes. It feels good.

Di: Jennifer, will you listen while I ask Jesus a question? - Jesus, will Nerina be safe if Jennifer releases the memory in the first person to Nerina?

Jennifer: Yes.

Memory: Itís early days at primary school. Iím in the classroom. I am sitting on the mat with others, but Iím not part of them.

Di: Is there more to the memory?

Jennifer: Yes.

Di: Would the part that shares this memory come forward? What is your name?

Alison: Alison.

Di: Iím pleased to meet you. Would you like to meet Jesus?

Alison Yes. [Jesus comes] Heís OK.

Di: Alison, will you listen while I ask Jesus a question? Jesus, will Nerina be safe if Alison releases the memory in the first person to Nerina?

Alison: Jesus says, "Yes."

Memory: Back to the classroom. Iím sitting on the mat but the teacher is ignoring me. Iíve got the answer but sheís not taking any notice of me. Sheís looking at the other children but not at me. Iíve always got the answer but she never takes any notice.

Di: What do you say about this Jesus?

Jesus: You are clever and do have the answers.

Nerina: He knows I know but no-one else does.

Di: What does Jesus say?

Jesus: The teacher knew that Nerina knew but wanted the other children to find the answer.

[Forgive.] I see an elderly lady with glasses and grey hair. Cut soul ties.

Di: Where is Jesus?

Nerina: Heís sitting on the mat next to me with his arm around me, saying, "We know, donít we?"

[Repented of judgements on the teacher and expectations of how you would be treated. Declaration you will accept people at face value and turn to Jesus for affirmation.]

[Is the memory complete?] Yes.

[Mapping the parts system.]

Di: Alison, who gives you orders?

Alison: Peter

Di: Thank you Alison. Jennifer, who gives you orders?

Jennifer: Peter. He gives orders to Eugene too.

Di: Could I speak to Peter please?

Peter: Iím here.

Di: Good to meet you. I wonder if youíd like to meet Jesus?

Peter: No. I like to keep Nerina isolated.

Di: Nerina, do you want to be isolated?

Nerina: No. Peter likes it this way. Heís annoyed.

[What about Jesus?] Heís rebuking Peter.

Peter: I carried Nerina.

[Explained how much in control Jesus is of his life without annoying people. Satan had him licked, but Jesus stole his keys and came to life again.]

Di: Peter, what about meeting Jesus?

Peter: OK. Iím feeling tired. [Jesus comes] Jesus is taking my hand and raising me to stand up.

Di: Thereís a good view up there, hey?

Peter: Mm.

Di: Are you happy for Jesus to be in control?

Peter: Very happy.

Di: Who gives you orders?

Peter: Edward.

Di: Do you know any other parts?

Peter: No.

Di: Could I speak to Edward please?

Edward: Yes.

Di: Iím pleased to meet you Edward.† You give orders to Peter?

Edward: He thinks I do.

Di: Edward, would you like to meet Jesus?

Edward: Iím not sure.

Di: Jesus made Nerina, so that he could have parts like you to protect her. He knows you well and is very grateful to you.

Edward: OK, Iíll meet him.

Di: Jesus, will you come and meet Edward, please?

Edward: Heís got fine features, brown hair, he looks kind and gentle and is looking at me. I feel OK with him.

Di: Do you give orders to or take orders from another part?

Edward: No.

Di: Who do you work with?

Edward: Peter.

Di: Are there others you work with?

Edward No.

Di: Do you know any other parts?

Edward I think there are other parts but I donít know them.

Di: I wonder if there is another part who would like to meet Jesus?

Nerina: There is another part but it wonít come forward. It is very hurt. Something crawling, crushed, on the ground, not wanting to be seen.

Di: Jesus appreciates you. He was crushed with sorrows and grief.

Di: What do you have to say to this part, Jesus?

Nerina: Heís seen what they did and will deal with them in his own way and in his own time. I feel better, relieved.

Di: Would you like to meet Jesus?

Unknown Part: Yes

Di: Jesus, will you come and meet this part, please?

Unknown Part: Heís come, heís reaching down! Heís picking me up. It feels OK.

Di: Jesus, please whisper the name to them.

Jesus: Crushed.

Crushed: Iím on my own.

Di: Do others tell you what to do?

Crushed: They all do.

Di: Who?

Crushed: I donít know their names or how many. 20.

Di: Were you a scapegoat?

Crushed: Yes.

Di: Jesus, what can you do about this?

Crushed: The wounds, he took them to the cross. It feels like something is dissolving, melting, being absorbed into Jesus.

Di: Is there another part?

Nerina: No.

Mal: Jesus wants to speak to the annoyed one, Peter.

Peter: Jesus says I have no right to be annoyed anymore if Jesus is in charge.

Mal: There must be better things to do?

Peter: Iíd like to make her happy.

Mal: Nerina loves Jesus and knows his promises. Sheíd rather have fullness of joy than annoyance.

Peter: Thereís no place for me here anymore. Iíll go with Jesus.

Di: Jesus, will you meet Eugene and all the parts.

[We were told about Eugene earlier but hadnít met him and he hadnít met Jesus.]

Nerina: All the parts are gathered together with a rope around them, about 10 or 11. Theyíre ready to go, linked together like kids.

Di: Is there any part isolated from this group?

Nerina: No.

Crushed: It felt like 20 feet on me, but there are only 10 parts.

Mal: Thatís right, two feet each.

Di: Nerina, watch what Jesus does.

Nerina: Thereís a theatre and the parts are on the stage with Jesus. The curtain closes on the parts and Jesus comes back to me. I see THE END sign.


This whole ministry took exactly one hour to completely remove all dissociative parts.

Nerina's Parts Map