Resource Sheet 4: Ministry Example 3 - Sophie


Di: I wonder if there is a part who would like to make your presence known to Sophie and meet us. What is your name?

Sickness: Sickness.

Di: Iím pleased to meet you Sickness. Thank you for the good job youíve done in helping Sophie through her life. How do you particularly help her?

Sickness: Comforting her.

Di: Sickness, would you like to meet Jesus?

Sickness: Yes. [Jesus comes] Heís comforting and his eyes are soft.

Di: Sickness, will you please listen while I ask Jesus a question? Jesus, will Sophie be safe if Sickness releases the memory in the first person to Sophie?

Sickness: Jesus says, "Yes."

Memory: Image of a terracotta monolith. The top is smaller. It has a big dark hole through it.

Sickness: I stopped Sophie going into the hole. I went in. I know whatís in there.

Di: Sophie needs to know.

Sickness: If you go in there you wonít come out again.

Di: Jesus is this true?

Sickness: Once you go in there youíll die.

Di: Jesus wonít let Sophie die.

Sickness: OK.

Di: Is this memory shared?

Sickness Yes, with Fear.

[More memory is released. Heart pounding strongly.]

Sophie: Mum told me when I was born I had a heart defect, a valve problem. I was born very sick. I feel anxious.

Di: Is there a part called Anxious?

Fear: Yes.

Di: Fear, would you like to meet Jesus?

Fear: Yes.

Di: Jesus, will you come and meet Fear?

Jesus: Iím not happy with Fear.

[This must be a demon. Di set the parameters under which the demon could interact then challenged it]

Di: Speaking to that demon. What legal right do you have?

Demon: Determination to fight the fear. A curse from Sophieís Mum. She was over protective. Mum was a Mormon. She didnít want to have children because of her unhappy childhood and made a spell when she was 15. Sophie was not wanted. She had a childhood betrothal to a Mormon.

[Sophie forgave Mum for vow, renounced the curse and the spirit of death. Broke soul ties with Mum and Mormonism; broke the dedication and ST with whom she was Ďbetrothedí.]

Di: Any more legal rights?

Demon: No.

[Sophie sees the demon saunter off dragging its knuckles on the ground.]

Di: Jesus will you come and meet Fear?

Fear: Jesus is there. He says, "Your work is done. Youíre no longer required." Fear is relieved.

Di: Jesus, will Sophie be safe if fear releases the memory in the first person to Sophie?

Fear: Jesus says, "Yes."

Memory: I can see the hole again. Iím being drawn towards it. As I get closer it is covered over. Itís blocked out. Itís disappeared.

Mal: I wonder why?

Di: Could I speak to Anxiety?

Anxiety: Yes.

Di: would you like to meet Jesus?

Anxiety: Iím not sure about Jesus, I feel threatened by him.

[Di challenges the demon and demands its legal rights.]

Demon: Law, the law of Moses. Sophie broke the law so is subject to it.

Mal: Jesus died for it.

Demon: Not when she broke it.

Mal: Thatís not a LR!

Demon: No.

Mal: So go.

[Has not gone.]

Mal: What further legal right do you have? I remind you Jesus will deal with you if you defy me.

Demon: No right but I just want to stay.

Mal: Sophie, tell it to go.

Sophie: Go in the name of the true Lord Jesus! [Demon leaves] It was waiting for me to take a stand of authority.

Mal: Thatís right.

Di: Thank you Anxiety, for releasing more of the memory.

Memory: Back to the hole again, but itís a different shape. Itís on itsí side, long and narrow with an eyelid shape over it. Itís gone.

[The hole was the birth canal.]

Di: Jesus, will you come into this memory?

Jesus: I was standing with your mother by her side, comforting her. I knew once you were born she would love you. Sophie, you have nothing to fear.

Sophie: I feel like Iím being stifled, Iím having trouble breathing. I canít get that first breath.

Di: Is there another part there?

Sophie: Yes. Weakness and Apathy.

Di: Weakness, would you like to meet Jesus?

Weakness: Yes.

Di: Jesus will you come and meet Weakness?

[Jesus comes]

Di: Jesus, will Sophie be safe if Weakness releases the memory in the first person to Sophie?

Weakness: Jesus says, "Yes."

Di: Thank you, Weakness for releasing more of this memory.

Weakness: I kept Sophie safe and secure by not letting her run around doing lots of things when she might hurt herself.

Di: What was your part at the birth?

Sophie: Iím feeling very cold and alone. [Is this a Humidicrib?]

Di: Apathy, would you like to meet Jesus?

Apathy: Yes.

Di: Jesus will you come and meet Apathy?

[Jesus comes]

Di: Jesus, will Sophie be safe if Apathy releases the memory in the first person to Sophie?

Apathy: Jesus says, "Yes."

Memory: I see me in the womb, wanting to stay there.

Di: Sophie, did you want to be born?

Sophie: No, I felt safe and secure and warm.

Di: Sophie, you need to repent of not wanting to be born.

[She does so.]

Apathy: I made her content to be still and not do anything to hurt herself.

Di: Now you need to declare you want to fully live.

[Sophie does so.]

Di: Jesus, will you come into this memory?

Jesus: Iím encouraging you, Sophie, to take that breath. Iíve got plans for your life.

Sophie: I see Jesus as an overawed father receiving joy at the new birth.

Mal: The Holy Spirit - the ruach, pneuma is spirit, breath, wind. Breath deeply of the Spirit now.

[Peace and calm come to Sophie.]

Di: Iíd like to ask Sickness who they give orders to, or take orders from?

Sickness: Iím in control of the demons.

Di: Which demons?

Sickness: Sicknesses.

Mal: Jesus, are they parts or demons that sickness controls? Perhaps theyíve conned you into thinking you control them. Sickness, has anyone treated you as a demon?

Sickness: Yes, Sophie, when she wouldnít take the medicine.

Di: Is there a part that takes the medicine?

Sickness: Potions.

Di: Potions, does anyone control you?

Potions: No one controls me.

Di: Would you like to meet Jesus?

Potions: Yes.

Di: Jesus will you come and meet Potions?

[Jesus comes]

Potions: Heís saying, "Get away, there is no need for you." Iím happy to go, I didnít want to do it anyway.

Di: Is there another part that would like to meet Jesus?

Hallucinations: Hallucinations.

Di: Do you give orders to or take orders from others?

Hallucinations: No, I work in conjunction with Potions.

Di: Jesus will you come and meet Hallucinations? [Jesus comes]

Hallucinations: Jesus is tall, thin and handsome, with piercing eyes. I feel secure.

Di: Is there another part that would like to meet Jesus?

Fantasy: Fantasy.

Di: Jesus will you come and meet Fantasy?

Fantasy: Heís here now.

Di: Fantasy, do you know another part that would like to meet Jesus?

Fantasy: Yes, Independence.

Di: Is there any other part that would like to meet Jesus?

Fairy: I work with Fantasy. She gives me orders.

Di: Are there any other parts?

Insecurity: I make her stay close to her mum.

Di: Would you like to meet Jesus?

Insecurity: Yes.

Di: Jesus will you come and meet Insecurity? [Jesus comes]

Insecurity Iím happy heís here. One person controls all of us. Independence.

Di: Could we speak to Independence?

Independence: Iím important. I think Iím going to be made redundant.

Di: How many do you give orders to?

Independence: 25. I donít have to control and they donít have to report. Iím there if needed. Iím more like a company director.

Di: Would you like to meet Jesus?

Independence: Yes. [Jesus comes] Iíve been wanting to meet you for a very long time.

Jesus: Youíre very strong and reliable and I appreciate what youíve done. Iím stepping in to be the company manager over Sophieís life. Iím buying you out.

Independence: Iím happy to hand over to you. All the parts are too.

Di: Jesus, please show Sophie what is happening.

Sophie: All the parts are in a room. Jesus comes in the door and is checking they are all present.

Di: Jesus, are any missing?

Jesus: No.

Sophie: Itís a boardroom and Jesus is on the platform. The parts are coming one by one, shaking his hand and walking off. [Golden handshake.] All have gone past now. Jesus is walking out behind them. Theyíve disappeared.

[Sophie then affirmed that Jesus is now her managing director.]


Ministry to a memory without parts:

Memory: An uncle she has never met before is looking after 4 year old Sophie. He is tall, like a giant, and scary. [Sophie is showing symptoms of fear.]

Sophie: He was angry. I was screaming in fear. He called me all sorts of names. Iím feeling fear. Forever after men would scream and swear at me and call me all sorts of names. The word Ďtimidityí comes to mind.

Di: Was Mum overprotective?

Sophie: Yes. I let people take advantage of me sexually. After this I was molested at 4 by a 5 year old boy. Oral sex. He shared a bedroom with his parents, saw them and played it out with me. My sister wasnít frightened of uncle.

Di: Forgive your parents for overprotection and for asking an uncle you hadnít met to look after you.

[Sophie does this.]

Di: Now forgive your uncle for his wrong response - for being offended by your terror.

[Sophie does this. We break soul ties. Sophie repented of judgements made on men and that big men will shout and frighten her.]

[We check for demons. One is present.]

Di: What legal right do you have?

Demon: Iím Passive. I have a right to stay. To stop getting such reactions she made an inner vow to be passive.

[Sophie repents and declares: "I choose and engage in life."]

Di: Further legal rights?

Demon: No.

Di: Go immediately to the true Lord Jesus. He will deal with you. Donít return or send any others.

Sophie: Iím holding his leg. Iím afraid to let passivity go.

Di: Jesus, what do you have to say to Sophie?

Jesus: Iíll protect her.

[The demon leaves.]

Di: Jesus, where were you in the memory?

Sophie: Heís standing with me in the kitchen, saying no need to be frightened. Iím in terror and canít hear him. He got Elaine to come and put her arms around me.

Di: Jesus, is the memory complete?

Jesus: Yes.