Resource Sheet 5: Ministry Example 4 - Martin

Di: I wonder if there is a part who would like to make your presence known to Martin and meet us. What is your name?

Bright Light: Bright Light.

Di: Iím pleased to meet you Bright Light. Thank you for the good job youíve done in helping Martin through his life. How do you particularly help him?

Bright Light: I helped Martin with school work when he was little.

Di: Bright Light, would you like to meet Jesus?

Bright Light: Yes. Oh, heís giving me a hug. He really loves me. He likes me. But the hug is the major thing. I feel good and accepted.

Di: Bright Light, will you listen while I ask Jesus a question? "Jesus, will Martin be safe if Bright Light releases the memory in the first person to Martin?"

Bright Light: Jesus says, "Yes."

Memory: My grandmother died. I went to her place for lunch and she wasnít there. I was about 5. Thereís a feeling of confusion. She was always there and now sheís not. Itís frightening.

Di: Is there more to the memory?

Bright Light: Yes.

Di: Would the part that shares this memory come forward? What is your name?

Goody Goody: Goody Goody.

Di: Iím pleased to meet you. How do you particularly help Martin?

Goody Goody: I must always be good, particularly when Iím under observation.

Di: Would you like to meet Jesus?

Goody Goody: Yes. Heís big, tall and strong. He looks a fine man, Iím impressed by him. His eyes are kind and I feel comfortable with him. Martin would get growled at when he wasnít good, so I helped him.

Di: Goody Goody, will you listen while I ask Jesus a question? "Jesus, will Martin be safe if Goody Goody releases the memory in the first person to Martin?"

Goody Goody: Jesus says, Martin will be safe.

Memory: When Martin was being good he didnít always think he was good. A boy stabbed him with a pencil and the lead stuck into his head above his left eyebrow.

[This is a memory Martin knows about but he isnít feeling it.]

Di: Is there more to the memory?

Naughty Boy: I share the memory with Goody Goody.

Di: Iím pleased to meet you. Would you like to meet Jesus?

Naughty Boy: Iím frightened of meeting Jesus.

[Coaxed nearer. Naughty Boy is crying and saying sorry.]

Di: Jesus, why is Naughty Boy crying?

Jesus: Naughty Boy you can come to me.

Naughty Boy: Heís comforting me, it feels good.

Di: Naughty Boy, will you listen while I ask Jesus a question? Jesus, will Martin be safe if Naughty Boy releases the memory in the first person to Martin?

Naughty Boy: Jesus says, Martin will be safe.

The memory Is not an event. Itís a picture of the edge of a cliff which is crumbling. Iím frightened at the edge and itís making me feel sick.

[This is a new memory.]

Martin: Iím frightened, it feels like Iím on a rocking chair, everything is moving.

[Not getting more.]

Di: Is there a demon? No.

Di: Is there more to the memory?

Little Imp: Yes,.

Martin: Little imp has a sense of humour and just does things that Naughty Boy, for instance, doesnít expect.

Little Imp: I know Naughty Boy, but he doesnít tell me what to do. Martin (a part) tells Little Imp what to do.

Jesus: I can come to him

Memory: Iím looking at my baby sister. I love her, but sometimes I donít. Thereís a memory locked away about doing something that isnít good.

Di: Is there a part that holds a memory about Josephine?

Little Imp: I do.

Di: Thank you for releasing more memory.

Memory: She was being pesky, and he was being annoyed. Sheís very little, so Martin is 2 or 3. She wasnít doing anything, just being there was pesky. He didnít have his motherís undivided attention. Feeling loving towards her, then not. This is confusing.

Jesus: Jesus loves naughty little boys too. Good and naughty, he loves them.

Naughty Boy: Did you hear that? Yes, he loves Naughty Boy. This is very good.

Memory: Brother about 5. I locked him out of the house and got into trouble. There was a powerful feeling of immense satisfaction when I did it. [Not a new memory.] Naughty Boy felt it too but was worried about the consequences. Naughty Boy carried the fear.

Martin: It wasnít always fair. Graham was treated differently from Josephine and I. I felt self righteous and not at fault sometimes. Graham was the favourite of us all. I was extremely cautious, Graham was extremely adventurous.

Martin (the part): I plan for Martin. The plans arenít always good, like locking Graham out of the house. That involved Little Imp, Goody Goody and Naughty Boy. Little Imp had an idea, or Martin (the part) did, and Little Imp acted it out.

Di: Do you know other parts?

Martin (the part): I instruct 12 parts. I donít know Bright Light. Other parts are Study and Untidy (who tries to be tidy).

Di: Martin, I wonder if youíd like to meet Jesus?

Martin (the part): Yes. Now itís calm. It wasnít calm before. The parts are calm. [Martin is rocking.] Jesus is there and the parts are not fighting with each other. Theyíre not pushy now. Theyíre in a circle holding hands.

Di: Martin, will you listen while I ask Jesus a question? Jesus, will Martin be safe if the part, Martin releases the memory in the first person to Martin?

Martin (the part): Jesus says "Yes.".

Memory: When I became a Christian in a way all the parts knew about Jesus then. The memory is of becoming a Christian. Mum had warned me against, for example, going forward at the Billy Graham Crusade. She said I was too young. But I wanted to go, but I didnít do it. [Ambivalence.] I have difficulty realising Jesus would accept me. I had tried to confess my sin but I was unsure of forgiveness. I had experienced the Holy Spirit through the study of Acts. Confusion left.

Naughty Boy: I know thatís true and the person Martin knows. I am part of him.

Jesus: All the parts are safe. He accepts Martin completely. Even when heís not obedient. But is very pleased when he is. Jesus thinks itís funny that Martin thought he needed to be perfect, as he isnít!

[Lift off all the years of thinking that goodness earned him favour, of striving to be good enough and knowing he wasnít perfect.]

Martin: Iím still in a boat but itís not rocking.

Bright Light: Iím feeling happy and light. Iím joining the others with Jesus. I donít know any others and none give me instructions. I donít give instructions to any others.

Di: Are there any other parts that would like to meet Jesus?

Little Hidden One: The four of us all work together. Jesus met them as they are shyer.

Di: Martin, all the parts are ready to go with Jesus. Tell us what he does with them.

Martin: All the parts are together with Jesus. Theyíre walking with Jesus through fields into the distance. They are happy. Going a long way away. They are OK.