Resource Sheet 6 - Recording a Ministry Session

When using this approach to ministering to dissociation it is important to keep good notes, for a number of reasons. Some of these are:

It is best to work in pairs, with one leading the ministry and the other recording. The recorder may unobtrusively prompt the leader if something appears to have been overlooked.

Because a lot of information needs to be written in a short time it is best to develop some kind of shorthand to assist with this. An example of Malís style of recording is provided here. It is the first part of the ministry to Sophie. The whole transcript is provided in Resource Sheet 4.

We use symbols like LR for Legal Right, and put the part names in circles so they can easily be seen.

Record your word of knowledge (if you have one) about how many parts their might be on the top of the sheet. It is also helpful to keep a running list of part names as they are found, along with how many parts each gives orders to. As a part meets Jesus this is indicated on the transcript, on the list, and on the map with a red ĎJí. Numbering the parts on the map also helps you keep track. A four colour pen is a useful tool for such marking up.

Scan of Sophie's Part Map - 1

Scan of Sophie's Part Map - 2