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Achieving Forgiveness Seminar - Introduction

One of the least understood concepts in the world today is that of forgiveness. Unforgiveness causes more soul-sickness and dis-ease in individuals, families and communities than any other attitude of heart - true forgiveness is the key to healing. The character of God is to forgive, but if we are in need of forgiveness, we block God's voice, our prayers are hindered and healing is delayed. If we hold unforgiveness this is sin, and we cannot be forgiven by God unless we repent.

A key to understanding the role of forgiveness is to understand the immutable laws of the spiritual realm by which God made the universe: as you judge so will you be judged; the law of sowing and reaping; and the law of increase. Unforgiven sin in our lives gives the devil legal rights to harm us.

In case we thought forgiveness is optional, Jesus and other New Testament writers make it very clear that this is not the case. In this seminar we will explore these ideas, and discover how forgiveness is accomplished and maintained, between ourselves and God, and between each other, individually, corporately, and nationally.


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