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Resource Sheet 4 - Forgiveness Prayers


Lord Jesus, I confess that I have held bitterness and unforgiveness towards (name the person). I'm cautious in trusting you because you allowed this to happen to me. I ask you to forgive me for this response towards you, God and (name the person). I ask you to cleanse me with the precious blood of Jesus.

I release my right to judge (name the person). I take my hands off (name the person). I hand (name the person) over to you God because you are the only true just and fair judge. I forgive (name the person) for what you did in (identify the full situation).

I choose to bless (name the person) and I pray that God will _____________________________

Modified from Anazao "Commonly used prayers".

Dear God, creator and giver of all that is good in life,

I don't want to hold anything in my heart and spirit that could block my relationship with You, cause me to miss Your blessing, or prevent me from becoming all you have created me to be. I recognize I have often suppressed my feelings, not realizing they could fester and become poison to others and myself.

Sometimes I have denied my real responses, pretending that everything was OK when it wasn't. And many times I have held on to anger and nursed irritations, making up speeches because I thought I had a right to feel the way I did. I confess there is much unforgiveness against others lodged in my heart. I don't know how to let it go, but I am choosing right now to forgive ________________________ for _______________________________.

I trust You, Lord, to enter the depths of my heart by the door of my repeated choices and make forgiveness real in me. Please forgive me for the ways my unforgiveness has afflicted others and grieved Your heart. Enable me to identify compassionately with the pain others feel.

By Your grace I ask for a blessing of love and well-being for those who have injured me. Amen.

From Choosing forgiveness, by John and Paula Sandford, p. 52-53.

RELEASE FROM BLAME from The Bait of Satan, by John Bevere, p. 166

Father, in the name of Jesus, I acknowledge that I have sinned against You by not forgiving those who have offended me. I repent of this and ask Your forgiveness.

I also acknowledge my inability to forgive them apart from You. Therefore, from my heart I choose to forgive. [Insert their names - release each one individually.] I bring under the blood of Jesus all that they have done wrong to me. They no longer owe me anything. I remit their sins against me.

Heavenly Father, as my Lord Jesus asked You to forgive those who had sinned against Him, I pray that Your forgiveness will come to those who have sinned against me.

I ask they You will bless them and lead them into a closer relationship with You. Amen.


Lord, I was deeply hurt when ______ (describe the happening), and it feels like you have wronged me by ______ (your perception of the happening). I acknowledge this is deception, but it feels so true. I am angry/ bitter/ resentful towards you for ______ (be specific), but I am ready to release this anger/bitterness/resentment towards you because I don't want it to hinder my relationship with you or my healing.

I confess my bitterness/resentment towards you as sin. I renounce it and ask your forgiveness for this. I acknowledge that I cannot free myself, I cannot change my own heart and mind regarding this anger, bitterness and resentment towards you. I ask you to give me true repentance. I ask you to give me fresh revelation of the circumstances I have been holding against you and to change my heart and mind and adjust my thinking.

I ask you now, Lord Jesus, to wash me with your blood, cleansing me and releasing me completely from all anger/ bitterness/ resentment towards you.


PRAYER TO FORGIVE SOMEONE WHO HAS DIED from Mitton, Michael and Parker, Russ, Requiem Healing.

"Loving Father, I missed the opportunity to sort out some personal things with (name) before he/she died. Jesus I acknowledge You as Lord over all. I ask You to tell _____________ that I forgive him/her for ______________ (and/or) I ask forgiveness for ________________. Father I thank You for this opportunity to share my heart. I now release (name) and myself to Your righteous care."


I choose to forgive my ancestors for all sins related to ___________________ that have been introduced into my generational line.

I now choose to stand in the gap and confess these sins that my ancestors, [and myself], have committed against you, Lord. I repent of these sins.

I ask for your forgiveness. Cleanse me with your precious blood.

Confident that you have forgiven these sins, I now break all ties: spirit, soul and body that have been established between myself and my ancestors regarding these sins. I break these ties in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I take back all the ground given to Satan by these sins.

In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, I now take authority over all spirits that gained entry to my generational line as a result of these sins. Specifically I name the spirit of ______________ and I command you to go, to leave my generational line right now, in Jesus' powerful, redeeming name.

Anazao "Commonly used prayers"


Father God, I thank You for Your mercy and Your love. I believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit, and through the blood of Jesus, You will set me free! Your Word is sharper than a two-edged sword. It is able to divide the soul and the spirit, the blessing and the curse, the good and the evil that are in my heart.

Father, penetrate the hardness that sometimes prevents me from responding to You. Lord, I ask for Your mercy. I ask that as I go through life, others will forgive the curse and embrace the blessing they see within me. Lord Jesus, I thank You for Your strength that overcomes and defeats every attack and every weakness in my life. Father, where there are sins of which I need to repent, help me to repent Where I need to forgive, give me the grace and ability to forgive. Where I need to ask forgiveness, help me to do that too. Open the eyes of my understanding so that I can see what has the right of passage and what does not.

Father, this day, I choose to repent. I repent of my own sin. (List sins that you are aware of: anger, hatred, lying, procrastination, etc.) As I consider my own humanity, I repent for rejecting and pushing aside those people who gave me breath. I understand that within each one of us is both the blessing and the curse. This day I look back on my parents and all those who have gone before me, and I intentionally choose to forgive the curse and embrace the blessing. I cast out the sin nature of Ishmael and embrace the Isaac.

The sour grapes of my ancestors have no power to affect my life! I refuse the right of passage of anything that would want to kill, steal, or destroy me or my children Forgive the curse, Lord; cover it and let Your blessing flow. In Jesus' mighty name, I declare that my children are free to live their lives and to serve God without being hindered from anything in our family!

Lord Jesus, may this word find its lodging in my heart. I pray that throughout the days to come You will continue to do Your work in me. Continually bring me to a place of repentance, healing, and wholeness. I thank You for Your blood that cleanses me, and for Your mercy that transforms me. You are a great and mighty God.

Thank You for calling me and wooing me to Yourself that I might accomplish Your purposes in the earth.Thank You for giving me the mandate to train up my children in the way they should go. Thank You, Lord, that You have given me the tools I need to pour into them, to equip the next generation to establish Your Kingdom here on earth. In Jesus' name, amen.

From p. 90-91 Nori, Don, Breaking generational curses: releasing God's power in us, our children, and our destiny. Shippensberg, Ill., Destiny Image, 2005.