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Prayer Counselling - the Guide

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A definitive guide to prayer counselling ('counseling' in America), prayer ministry, Christian counselling, and healing ministry.

What is Prayer Counselling?

Not everyone shares the same understanding of the nature of prayer counselling. There are a number of terms which are used by some people as if they are interchangeable, while others see them as referring to different activities. Some of these are inner healing, prayer ministry, prayer counselling, and Christian counselling.

Some would say that these are all the same. Others see a progression from the first to the last. Yet others see them as the same activity being renamed over time to resolve misunderstanding, with the possible exception of Christian counselling. This is more often seen, rightly or wrongly, as distinct from the other three, and more akin to a 'Christian' version of professional secular counselling. Some might also add healing of the memories to the list.

In our teaching pages we will give definitions of each of these streams and outline the relationships between them.