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Over the past few years we have presented a number of courses and seminars through Beth Tephillah Ministries and Roaring Mouse Counselling. Because this material will be useful for anyone wanting to start out in prayer counselling, or for those who want to extend their knowledge into new areas, we are making it available on this website and on a number of other sites.

Here on Prayer Counselling - the Guide you will find teaching an introduction to prayer counselling and also more instruction on various specific topics, such as forgiveness, handling dissociation, and generational iniquity.

On the Listening 2 God website you will learn how to effectively and clearly hear God's voice in any circumstance - an essential skill for anyone ministering to others. Of even greater importance is the need to have an intimate relationship with Jesus, and our Intimacy with God site will help you there.

Other websites coming soon will provide teaching on intercession, both for a prayer counselling session and for strategic spiritual warfare. These will be The Intercessor and Real Spiritual Warrior.

Prayer Counselling

Here are links to the Prayer Counselling courses on this and other websites:

  • Introduction to Prayer Counselling Course

    The Introduction to Prayer Counselling course introduces you to a way of bringing healing into the lives of people wounded in many ways. You will learn in a safe environment how to listen to the Holy Spirt and to apply what you learn in practical ways.

    People are damaged in many ways - emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, relational - and there are many cuses for this. You will learn to identify the source or root of each problem and what to do to bring effective and complete resolution.

  • Dealing with Dissociation Course

    The Dealing with Dissociation seminar introduces you to a way of bringing healing into the lives of people suffering from dissociation due to the trauma of life's experiences.

    Dissociation is a recognised clinical psychiatric phenomenon. In its extreme manifestation it is termed Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and was previously inaccurately called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). However, almost everyone is dissociate to some degree.

    Using recently discovered understanding a prayer counselling can now quickly map the dissociative parts of a person and remove them, something that used to take many years of regular psycho-therapy, if it was achieved at all.

  • Achieving Forgiveness Seminar

    The Forgiveness Seminar teaches about the true nature of forgiveness, and its crucial role in the running of the universe as created by God.

    Learn how to accomplish and maintain forgiveness between ourselves and God and ourselves and others, individually, corporately, and nationally.

  • Healing Prayer Ministries Network

    The Prayer Ministries Network exists to network Christian prayer ministry centres and prayer ministry training organisations so they can support and encourage each other.

    There you can follow the journey of a group of people in Victoria, Australia who have been healed by Jesus through prayer ministry and who have gone on to become healers under Him. You will find basic information about the nature of healing prayer ministry, resources to help you learn more about prayer ministry, where you can go to receive help, and the stories of some people who have received healing through an encounter with God the Healer, assisted by some of his people.

Authentic Christian Living

An essential for any effective ministry, or even for simply living an authentic Christian life, is to be able to hear the voice of God. To do that you must have an intimate relationship with Jesus. Religion will not do it - you must know him as a friend, and present in your everyday experience as counsellor and guide.

  • Intimacy with God teaching seminar.

    The Intimacy with God teaching seminar helps followers of jesu Christ explore the varied ways they can come into a more intimate relationship with Jesus.

    The teaching does not focus on any one tradition, but rather seeks to show that there are numerous helpful ideas that different people have discovered over the centuries.

  • Listening to God course.

    The Listening to God course is designed to enable anyone to begin to truly listen to God speaking today. Through teaching and practical exercises you will discover that you can hear God speaking to you. You will learn to recognize the many different ways that God speaks today, and how to discern God's voice from the many other voices you are hearing.

    There are many voices being heard, including your own thoughts, the voices of angels and demons, the voices of dissociate parts, the voices of other people, and the voice of God. You can learn to separate each from the others. When you can reliably recognize God's voice then you are also able to discern the other voices and handle them appropriately.